Speed Comparisons

The figure below shows Speed Comparisons in Bryce 5 of the machines and OSes. For Data, using the only sky data, the size of which setted to 320x240 and what is rendered in normal mode.
Mac OS X 1GHz Dual is the dual-processor computer. But as Bryce 5 doesn't support dual processors, they are about the same as sigle-processors.
Celeron 700MHz Windows 2000 14
Pentium III 1GHz Windows XP 10
Pentium III 1GHz(b) Windows Me 10
PowerPC G3 500MHz MacOS 9 13
PowerPC G4 400MHz MacOS X 17
PowerPC G4 450MHz MacOS 9 13
PowerPC G4 733MHz MacOS 9 9
PowerPC G4 1GHz x 2 MacOS X 7
PowerPC G5 2GHz x 2 MacOS X 3